Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cleaning Away The Poop

I really don’t mean to ruin your Sunday or your appetite, but if you are reading this article as you eat, stop right here, finish your food then read.
You may think that I am lying when you read my first tale today but it is true.  I do love my pork and recently, I was introduced to a pork place that is a stone throw way from the MTN switch in Bugolobi. The pork place also has a car washing bay and a couple of container shops.
It also has a toilet but not of the water flushing kind so I guess that makes it a pit latrine not so? Of course it does! But there is never any toilet tissue – not that it has bothered me because I have never felt the need to go poop when I am there. And even if I did feel the need to poop whilst I was there, I would take a short leave of absence and drive down to Chris Ireland’s Jazz Ville and leave the poop there, or save it for when I get home.
Getting back like I said, the pit latrine has no toilet paper so for the people who want to poop, how do they clean themselves up?  
Going by the stains on the walls, it is all too evident that some people use their hands then wipe the mess off on the walls! How gross can people get?
So who could the culprits be? Are they the women who work in the container shops? Perhaps it could be the chaps who wash the cars for they are the kind, the kind who don’t give a hoot about personal hygiene. Then again it could be the men who roast the pork or worse still, the women who prepare the avocado, tomatoes and cassava?
With that when the man presented the pork, I looked at his hands and they looked clean enough but when the woman served the cassava, avocado and tomatoes, her hands looked like they had dabbled in a spot of poop smearing.
So I passed on the cassava, tomatoes and avocado. I could have told Paulo, LP and Indian Friend with Long Hair about my suspicions but I kept quiet for they seemed to be enjoying the avocado, tomatoes and cassava that might have been handled by hands that had dabbled in smearing poop on the walls  

Moving on, there is the COMESA summit coming up in the next couple of weeks at Speke Resort Munyonyo and KCCA is doing its best to smarten up the Gaba road in a bid to impress the delegates. And while I do agree that since KCCA came into being there have been some improvements in trying to keep the city clean one thing that I don’t get is what is with sweeping dust off the roads?
In Namuwongo, and on a daily basis, every morning an army of women descend onto the roads to sweep dust off the roads which they then pile up at the side of the road.
And in this rainy season, the rain washes the piles of gathered dust back onto the roads so the following morning, the women will once again sweep the roads of the dust and again pile up the dust by the side of the road. And this is something that goes on forever.
Maybe the policy makers at KCCA have a formula that I have yet to grasp so could someone please educate me? Jennifer, are you there?

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