Saturday, August 9, 2014

Men Don't Wear Knicker's And Bra's!

What’s happening out there? Have we lost the plot? Are we doing things that are not of the norm? Do we need help, especially help from a shrink? I think we do.
I am tempted to believe that back in the day, Caveman was happy with his physical features as indeed was Cavewoman. As long as Caveman went hunting and came back with a slab of meat, Cavewoman was happy. And I also think that Caveman was not perturbed by the amount of hair on Cavewoman’s body.
In today’s world order, we are unhappy with our bodies. We are not satisfied with the way we have been created that we go to great lengths to find a solution. Fat people want to be smaller. Women with droopy breasts want them uplifted and made to look perky. Some women want bigger butts and others want small rounded ones. And men want a bigger muscular look, if not, an enlargement of their ‘thingy’.
But I say, be happy with what you have, though I make an exception for women who have beards and hair between their boobs. That is so not on in today’s world order!
There is a group who believe that if they were born as men, it was a mistake. They were supposed to be women. And there are women who also believe they were supposed to be born as men. But how would they know that?
I watched a documentary – The Flipside, which tried to shed some light on what’s going wrong with society.
Daniel, from North Carolina in the US, claims he knew he was supposed to be a woman when he saw his mum and sisters underwear hanging on the clothes line to dry. After that he started rifling through their knickers draws and he liked the way the silky fabric felt on his skin that he started wearing them. He was quick to add that these days he buys his own.
Perhaps I should pause for a while as you digest and try to come to terms with that revelation before I move on? Is a minute enough time?
Okay, what on earth would possess a grown man to rifle through his mum and sisters’ underwear draws and steal their knickers so that he can wear them? And it didn’t just stop at knickers. He also wears their bras!
It got me thinking – what would be the repercussions if I too, had taken to stealing and wearing  Mum’s and Sister’s underwear?
No doubt Dad would have beaten the life out me while Mum would have spent the rest of her life with Vicar and in prayer. What would Neighbour say if he found out I wore knickers and a bra to school or to the office? How could I expect to be taken seriously in the locker room after a game of rugby while standing in a pair of frilly teen girls knickers with the word ‘Tuesday’ written across the front?
As we watch our children grow in this fast developing world and with the internet bringing the world to them, do you ever think how they might turn out?
Those of you who have boys, will they end up as doctors, lawyers or thugs who break into homes and offices while everyone is asleep? Perhaps, they will they end up as mad men sniffing aviation fuel in Namuwongo?
If there was a Bukumunhe boy, hell, even if he didn’t make it in life and ended up as a murderer, rapist, thug or an aviation fuel sniffer that, I can bite and accept. I really can. Anything as long as he is not wearing knickers and bra’s under his clothing because if he did, he is a sick man who needs to be in Butabika !   

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