Saturday, December 5, 2015

$7thaou-a-month To Fart In Emloyer's Face? Give Me That Job!

I feel for House-ee, because usually, they get a raw deal and treated like slaves and dogs by Employer.

House-ee, worked for a family in Bugolobi - a very affluent family that money was not an issue to them. Husband is a ‘hustler/importer’ while Wifey held down ‘two jobs’ - one in a salon, the other at Serena Hotel. Okay let me rephrase. She didn’t exactly work in a salon or in Serena, but was in the salon on a regular basis to have her nails and hair done and then to Serena for long lunches with her girls.

When the household went to school and to work, everything was locked up. Not just the master bedroom as tends to be the norm, but the entire house was locked down with House-ee being locked outside it.

Before Wifey left for ‘work’, she was always thoughtful enough to leave Kampala Meat Packer bones to feed Husband’s dogs and beans for House-ee. One day when Wifey returned early from ‘work’ and found House-ee eating posho with meat sauce, she went livid, accusing her of stealing and gave her a hiding.

Another House-ee who went to kyalo for her first holiday in three years simply never returned. So Employer did the needful and had her arrested. When LC asked why she had absconded, she said: “I always got paid on time, but mummy would sit with my money and deduct for electricity and everything I ate or drank. I the end I had nothing. She would also shout and beat me for not rinsing the clothes properly or for making food that her husband liked - telling me that I am not the wife of the house.”

The list goes on and on. House-ee, as far as Employer is concerned, is at the bottom of the human chain – there to be ridiculed, abused, humiliated and often beaten. However, not all employers are like that. Some are very kind and treat House-ee like part of the family.

One such Employer, is the Saudi prince, Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Prince Majed is loaded - enough to spend his summer vacations in his $37million LA mansion.

By all accounts, he does not beat House-ees’, nor does he treat them like dogs. He pays very well and whenever he goes on holiday abroad, House-ee is part of his entourage – often flying in private jets, staying in luxury hotels or cruising about on his mega yacht that’s moored in Monaco. Basically House-ee was living the highlife that most house-ee’s can only dream about.

Despite all those privileges, House-ee found cause to complain. Er, wait a minute – complain about having to fly in a private jet, holidays in Los Angeles, luxury hotels and cruising luxury yachts?

Indeed. House-ee complained about the working conditions because Prince Majed liked to humiliate. And this is where it becomes tricky. He wouldn’t humiliate them – oh no, but he would get them to humiliate him! Yes, you read right. Prince Majed loved being humiliated by House-ee.

One of his favourite passions according to court documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, he would get Male House-ee to fluctuate (pass wind) in his face. When he threw parties, he would call him and while he (Prince Majed) was on his knees, Male House-ee would press his butt crack right up to Majed’s nose and let rip. And the more the stench, the better.

Male House-ee was on a $7,000 (sh25m)-a-month salary but couldn’t handle the passing of wind as his JD stipulated, so he quit and is now suing the prince. 

Given that pay cheque, I would happily work for Majed and let rip with wind after gorging on a plate of byenda and nakati for the stench, is for World Cup.

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