Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ugandans - Consumed By Greed, Temporary Insanity Or Both?

Before we get into the gist of this Sunday’s ramble, we need to define greed and temporary insanity. Greed is defined as: ‘An intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth and power’ .

Are Ugandan's Consumed by Greed?
On the other hand, temporary insanity is: ‘A defence by excuse when the defendant is not responsible for his actions due to an episodic or persistent psychiatric disease at the time of the act.’ I on the other hand, describe it as: ‘Having a bout of temporary cuckoos.’

Female English Newscaster was a level-headed person when we worked together at WBS. She was eloquent and read the news with precision. In her private life, she didn’t go in search of the limelight and once work was done, she headed straight home. As far as I can remember, the only passion she appeared to have, was for gold – rings and chains.

All That Glitters Is Not Necessarily Gold
It was end of month. Salaries had been paid and she’d been to the then Nile bank ATM and withdrawn her rent money when from of the blue at the Spear Motors stage on Jinja road, out slithered Hawker flashing a briefcase of gold trinkets. Female English Newscaster's eyes lit up like that of a Mercedes Benz AMG G65 LED lights on full beam, which Hawker obviously noticed and wasted no time wooing her with his sales spiel.

Ten minutes later, the deal was a wrap. Female Newscaster had gold bling draped round her neck and Hawker had her rent money in his back pocket. But wait, who buys gold from Hawker at a taxi stage? Anyway, back home when she jumped out of the shower, she noticed the bling was no longer gold, but fading to silver – ouch! Was Female English Newscaster hit by temporary insanity, greed or both?

Juuko is smart. He attended the University of Dar es salaam and if I recall, he was in the top echelons of his engineering class. Juuko loved watches and Hawker slimed himself out of the sewers when things were ‘tight’ as he put it. But Hawker wasn’t perturbed that Juuko didn’t have a dime on him. A barter trade would suffice. So Juuko duly whipped off his classy imported shoes in exchange for a gleaming watch and walked home to Muyenga barefoot.

Hawker Sold Watches Usually Have A Life Span Of Two Weeks
14-days later, the gleaming watch started having difficulty keeping up with time. Seeking expert opinion from Horologist, he had nothing but ‘time to throw up’ news for Juuko. The watch so Horologist said, was a cheap Chinese import worth no more than 5K and was surprised it manged to last two weeks. Was Juuko hit by temporary insanity, greed or both?
All I know about Muhammad Gusaga, is that he’s the NRM Vice-Chairman for Mbale District and sometime back was gifted with a crib valued at sh700m for his services to the party. Last December so the tale goes, Gusaga’s neighbour – fresh from South Africa rumbled into Mbale in a flashy eye catching sleek convertible Merc and a Beemer which, got Gusaga more than thinking.

Are A Merc And A Convertible Beemer A Must Have?
He too wanted a convertible Merc and a Beemer even though he couldn’t afford them. But wait up. He owned the title deed to a sh700m crib and I guess there is no need to tell you what he did next - or is there? Let me just tell the tale anyway.

In the dead of the night and after stirring Wifey from a cavernous slumber, Gusaga managed to sway her into signing the transfer papers to Neighbour. The ink on the contract had barely dried than Neighbour, as the new owner of the sh700m crib, swept into action and evicted Gusaga and his family who, have since been forced to seek accommodation in a hotel which they can’t afford because they now are broke.

The NRM Donated Bungalow With Rental Units Which Gusaga Bartered For A Merc and Beemer

Like Female English Newscaster and Juuko, was Gusaga also hit by a bout of temporary insanity, greed, both or something else? 

Pictures: Daily Monitor, Agencies                

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