Saturday, April 14, 2018

Is Time Management The Scourge Of Uganda

There is something about us that I don’t grasp – particularly when it derives to time keeping. It’s heartening that there are people out there who are resolute enough to take time seriously because they wear watches. But hold up. Many watch wearers, wear watches that stopped working years ago and when you ask why they wear a watch that doesn’t work, with a straight face they say “for just.”

Time Management Is Not A Uganda Thing
Years ago, when Air Uganda was still in the skies, we were off to Nairobi on a media trip. We all knew our departure time was 14:30hrs and passports would be required. Well, we all did except for Hapless UBC Damsel. At 13:30hrs while the rest of us were checking in, there was no sign of Hapless UBC Damsel which, prompted Air Uganda Official to call and find out where she was.

Hapless UBC Damsel was not on the outskirts of Entebbe, or just about to be dropped off. Rather, she was still in Kampala around Clock Tower. Luckily, the flight was delayed that she managed to make it to the airport before ‘wheels up’. Pause because there need to tell you what happened next.

For the two-day trip, she had packed an overweight suitcase and a rucksack which, were the least of her worries because she turned up without a passport. As she put it, “I assumed Air Uganda was going to do it for me.” Hmm!

Even Though People Were Given Time Keeping Tips, They Would Still Turn Up Late 

Slithering on, while in Johannesburg to cover the reality television show - Big Brother, Nigerian Girl was in her own time keeping element. As Kalungi Kabuye of New Vision will affirm, Sandie, the petite Indian girl who took charge of us whenever we were in South Africa covering DStv functions, is very systematic with her briefs - especially when it comes to time management.

However, in the five days we were in Jo’burg, Nigerian Girl was late for just about everything. Late for breakfast, late for lunch, last to return to the bus from shopping trips, late for excursions. The thing about her that irked, is that she felt she was doing nothing wrong for she quipped: “I don’t know why the Indian girl is stewing. Its normal for people to be late.”

This Easter just gone, all was not well at Skyz hotel, up on Naguru hill. Family Man decided to treat his family to Easter Sunday lunch and he did the noble thing of calling ahead and booking tables to accommodate them. All should have gone well had they turned up on the time they had designated they would turn up.

Nevertheless, they turned up an hour-and-a-half late and being a busy Easter Sunday, the hotel obviously couldn’t hold the reservation and gave the tables away. Family Man flipped, went into a rage and unleashed a tirade of abuse at Expat Food And Beverage Manager – everything from f**K you expletives, rants of racism, to threatening to have him fired and deported. The day was saved when a cool-headed Patrick Bitature stepped in and diffused the situation. 

Meanwhile across town at Speke Resort Munyonyo, brunch was served from 11:30am – 4:00pm. Middle Aged Man in his wisdom turned up at 5:45pm to find brunch done and dusted. Unlike Family Man at Skyz hotel, Middle Aged Man didn’t flip and make a nuisance of himself but resorted to posting his frustrations on social media – along the lines of: “I drive to Munyonyo only to be told brunch is done. Do they know I had to drive my family half way across town to get there to be told its over? They should get serious!”  

Had he been sombre about his time keeping, he and his family would have relished a nice brunch and washed down with champagne - at least I did because I was on time!

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