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Why Can't Ugandans Simply Resign Or Just Go Quietly?

Many years past, out of the blue I was subpoenaed to see Human Resource. My heart didn’t skip a beat and I took it in my stride seeing it was December and every December, Human Resource would summon me to ask my thoughts on the staff Christmas party.

Except on this occasion, she hadn’t asked me to her office for Christmas party thoughts. Instead she proffered me with two options – resign or be fired. After minutes of deep shock thought, the prudent option was to resign. I wrote out my resignation letter – something along the lines of “…wanting to spend time with my family…” and I was out and facing a most uncertain future.

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Recently Wrote To Prime Minister Theresa May And Resigned

With hindsight, I shouldn’t have resigned and I shouldn't have gone quietly because, resigning and going quietly is so NOT a Ugandan thing and let’s reason the arguments out. Justine Bagyenda, former Executive Director – Supervision at Bank of Uganda, was asked to resign or face the sack. Like my encounter with Human Resource – except I don’t think she was summoned by Human Resource, but by Governor Emmanuel Mutebile, with two options laid bare to her.

Justine Bagyenda, Eventually Left BoU After A Lengthy Episode Of Huffing And Puffing

She didn’t resign so she got sacked but, she didn’t go quietly. She went to court, State House and the ‘court of public opinion’ - Facebook and Twitter. However, one thing she didn’t take into account is that, Bank of Uganda is bigger than her. Eventually and with extreme busungu, she packed her box and left.

Before Bagyenda, there was Geraldine Ssali – former Deputy Managing Director at NSSF who, was similarly presented the option of resigning or facing the inevitable. She chose to face the inevitable – being terminated. Before the termination was effected, like Bagyenda, she sought the interference of State House and the court of public opinion. In the end she grasped that NSSF was much bigger than her and left – with busungu.

Geraldine Ssali's Crocodile Tears To State House Fell On Deaf Ears That She Left NSSF With Busungu 

Herbert Kabafunzaki, is Minister of State. Last year, he was snared soliciting a bribe of sh15m from Investor. With audio and picture evidence, the judicious thing for him to have done, would have been writing to Appointing Authority – President M7 that is, along the lines of: “Sir, I have failed you. I was consumed by greed. I needed sh15m urgently and was unable to wait until payday. With the embarrassment I have caused your government, its only judicious that I resign as Minister of State.”
Of course, that didn’t happen nor is it bound to happen because like it has already been stated, resigning is not a Ugandan thing.

The Honourable Move Kabafunzaki Could Have Pulled, Would Have Been To Resign

Ibrahim Abiriga, is Arua Municipality MP and of course you all know what happened to him but in case you had forgotten, lets remind you. He was photographed doing susu on walls of Ministry of Finance. And he didn’t humble himself nor offer an apology. Rather, he was defiant and chose to validate his actions. Secondly, resigning as MP was also not an option – presumably because in his Aura Municipality, it might be ‘the norm’ to pee on public walls.

Robert Mugabe used to be Head of State. But when ‘time to resign’ for the greater good of Zimbabwe came, he didn’t. With his busungu, he held steadfast and waited until the army sacked him. And before him, there was Muhammar Gadaffi who also didn’t resign - preferring instead a grisly death in the sewers.  

Meanwhile, veteran New Vision columnist, Joachim Buwembo couldn't  have put it better while commenting on the woes of embattled Minister for Lands, Betty Amongi, who is accused of trying to steal Asians' property in  Kololo and abuse of the Land Fund money.
Jo Buwembo's Take On Betty Amongi's Land Grabbing Scandal

By the way, have any of you heard of Dr. Peter Okello? I first heard of him this Friday gone and it turns out he is the acting academic registrar at Kyambogo University. Wait, I tell a lie. He used to be, but is no longer in the position and was supposed to have handed over office to his replacement - the new academic registrar, Dr Annie Begumisa who was appointed last month. I could carry on with the tale, but I guess you already know the rest of the script and what stunt Okello has pulled, so can I leave it at that? Cool.
How New Vision Reported Dr Peter Okello's Refusal To Go

Surprisingly enough though, there are a few good men who do have the conscious not only to resign, but to go quietly like current minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Kahinda Otafiire who years ago, did resign after pulling his pistol on Sam Kutesa’s wife following a row. More recently, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, resigned following protracted anti-government protests while Kale Kayihura, appeared relieved that his 'ordeal' as IGP was finally over when The Man With The Hat relieved him of his duties. And no, he didn't throw his guns about, but left quietly to go and play tennis at Lugogo Tennis Club.

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, Resigned Rather Than Opt For The Gadaffi Sewer Way Out

Pictures:,, New Vision, Jo Buwembo

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