Friday, September 22, 2017

Govt's sh12bn Bulls Are Mere Sex Slaves

Is there something wrong with government? Let’s fast track to Entebbe and to the National Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB), who so newspaper headlines screeched last week had spent a staggering sh12bn on purchasing eight bulls from South Africa. This is how they spent part of the money.

* $29,000 (sh104M) for four Romagnola bulls
* $24,000 (sh86m) for four Braham bulls
* $974,392 (sh3.5bn) in insurance and maintenance
* Sh1bn on a stud farm

How New Vision Broke The Story And A Tweet I posted

Am not a farmer, but thankfully, Google ‘is’ and a quick search on both bulls reveals that the disposition of Brahman cattle is often questioned. 

Apparently, Brahmans are intelligent, inquisitive and shy. They are unusually thrifty, hardy and adaptable to a wide range of feeds and climate. However, these characteristics also suggest careful, kind handling methods. Brahmans like affection and can become very docile. They quickly respond to handling they receive, good or bad. Well bred, wisely selected and properly treated Brahmans are as easily handled as other breeds. They originated from India.

On the other hand, the Romangnola breed derives from the Bos primigenius podolicus, a wild ox which lived on the Italian peninsula and, to a great extent also, from the Bos primigenius nomadicus, a bovine originating in the Euro - Asian steppes, which came to Italy during the fourth century A.D. with the Gothic invasion led by Aginulf.
A Romangnola Bull
That said, why did NAGRC&DB feel the need to splurge sh12bn+ plus on eight ‘exotic’ bulls? Were they going to be zapped, have their throats slit in an abattoir and end up on a fine china plates along with roast potatoes, Bistro gravy and vegetables at a State House dinner? Or was it much cheaper to get them from abroad rather than procuring them from Herdsman in Karamoja or Mbarara and Bushenyi?

Transgressing slightly, I have heard of cases on the Indian subcontinent and especially in South Africa and Nigeria where women have been known to abduct healthy young men, lock them in a room and forcibly make off with their sperm without their consent. Why they feel the need to steal the sperm, some say it has everything to do with juju. Others say because the men are healthy and of ‘good stock’ the women have the sperm implanted in themselves so they bear kids with good attributes but without actually having sex with the men.

In the article I read (New Vision, Tuesday 12th September), there was no mention of the bulls being of ‘good stock’ or that they would sire cows and bulls of good stock.
Digging deeper, the peeps who run NAGRC&DB are merely a bunch of morbid sadists who are twisted, perverse and full of sinister raison d'être. The reason why they bought the bulls has nothing to with good stock. They bought them to be sex slaves!

Like the women who steal male sperm they (the bulls), will also have their sperm taken without their consent and will not have any physical contact with a cow. Rather, the semen will be extracted by artificial insemination in a sh1bn centre and stored in a fridge somewhere in Entebbe.

But that’s not all. The bulls are required to produce a mind boggling 192,000 doses of semen over a period of four years (4,000 doses a month) and that semen will be flogged sh50k a dose which translates to well over sh8.3bn. And there is no mention of what happens to the sh8.3bn.

Animal right activists have been surprisingly muted on the subject but I am sure former agriculture minister, Specioza Kazibwe must be frothing at the mouth. Remember what she said all those years ago when she was still minister – that, “even bulls like to have sex!”

"Even Bulls Like To Have Sex" - Former Agriculture Minister Dr Spe Kazibwe

Pictures: New Vision, Agencies 


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