Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ditch The Akamwesi Money Leech And Get A Robotic Doll

Dude thinks it’s time to get married. No, tell a lie, its Mum who thinks it’s time for him to get married. But, Dude isn’t interested because looking around at the would-be-suitable young single women, he’s bitterly disappointed.

“I don’t know what they want” he tells me one evening. “They want, want and want.” Citing an example, he talks of Friends Sister who was resident in Akamwesi Hostel, has been unemployed for almost two years and who is desperate for a job. “I will keep my ears open and if anything comes along, I’ll let you know” so he told her. Two weeks later, she sends him a WhatsApp message after seeing him in Kampala Sun at Brazilian Night at La Cabana having a blast. Her message read: “Now I see you in the papers having fun. You are not getting me a job like you promised. It’s like you don’t care and want me to starve.” WTF!

Akamwesi Hostel, MUBS, Where The Airhead Money Leech Chic Resides

He retorted: “I am not your dad and secondly, I didn’t promise to get you a job! I said I will keep my ears open and if anything came along, I’d let you know.” And her response? “Hmm!”

Trimming the story, a job opening did come along. He furnished her with all the niceties including the cell number of the person she had to call, to arrange when would be suitable for an interview. Before I carry on, lock up the cat and tell Housiee to take the dog for a stroll - you will know why after you read the next paragraph.

“But I thought you had got me a job and not an interview!?!” WTF, now had the dog been around would you not have kicked the living daylights out of it then thrown the cat down the pit latrine in a fit of frus and anger? Anyway, she did go for the interview and did get the job. But wait up, she didn’t have the courtesy to call him and tell him how it went. It he who called her and far from being grateful that she was now employed, she complained. “But the pay is not what I was expecting. Its little!” Dude barked at her: “Listen up Friends Sister, if you don’t like the pay, QUIT! There are people out there who are unemployed and who would happily take the job at that pay!” I can sympathise with Dude for not wanting to get married, but like I told him, all is not lost. There is plan B.
The dawn of the didigisexuals is upon us. The surging availability of Robotic Doll means it is easier than ever for men to rely on technology for female company. Through technology, Engineer can programme Robot Doll to have artificial intelligence and be 'warm to the touch'.
The Robotic Doll
Dr Neil Mccarthur, Director of the University of Manitoba's centre for professional and applied ethics said: “As these technologies advance, their adoption will grow and many people will come to identify themselves as didigisexuals - people whose primary identity comes through the use of technology. Many people will find that their experiences with this technology become integral to their identity and some will prefer them to direct interactions with humans.

This is just what Dude needs, for he can form an intense ‘cost effective’ connection with Robotic Doll. Furthermore, if he ordered Robotic Doll, it can be tailor-made to meet his desires and will do things that Akamwesi Airhead cannot or will not do.
The Robotic Doll - Very Cost Effective And Dosen't Ask for Money, Salon Money Or Airtime or Pizza 
It’s a brilliant idea, for why should men waste time on airheads who constantly harangue them to foot their bills even though they are gainfully employed, don’t know what they want and when you ask them to take care of your one single need, she feigns a headache? 

Pictures: Campus Bee, Daily Mail

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