Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dr Annette Kezabu Wants Your Kids Taught Porn At School!

Have those who went to school and garnered a good education gone off the rails? Did they spend year after year, hour after hour in class swotting for their PhD's, that it messed them up to a point they lost track with reality?

There is a woman who is learned and through toiling has managed to get herself a Dr title - Dr Annette Kezabu that is, whom I have never met nor heard of until she landed the most unenviable(?) job in the land – that of chairperson of the Pornography Control Committee under the docket of the Ministry and Ethics and Integrity.

Dr Kezabu Wants Porn On Your Kids School Curriculum
The good doctor – and I presume after flipping through a number of porn magazines and videos had a mammoth Eureka(!) moment. Strike a pause because this is where I tell you to have a jerrycan of fuel. You will need it once you hear what she proposes.  

Here goes - and wait for it, wait for it, she wants PORN TO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS! She said: “It will help students in primary and secondary schools to get a knowledge about pornography and talks are in progress with Ministry of Education to incorporate teaching porn in the school curriculum!”

Should I hold up while you head to the garage and reach for the jerrycan of standby fuel, douse yourself, walk down the middle lane of the Northern Bypass during rush hour shouting - “WTF!” then sparking yourself up into a human fireball before I continue?

As you recover from third-degree burns in the burns unit at Mulago hospital, what do you think of Kezabu's utterances? This is what I thought. 

1. She was misquoted. 

2. It’s an April Fool’s Day gag seeing today actually is April Fool’s Day. 

3. She was gripped by a moment of temporary insanity. 

Alas, its none of the above because Dr Kezabu is being for real.

Alongside Religious Education, Porn Will be Taught In Schools If Dr Kezabu Get Her Way  
How will porn as a subject be structured? Will children be taught everything from softcore porn right through to sickening hardcore porn that would even make the self-acclaimed no nonsense hard man, Kasirye Gwanga puke in disgust?

One thing I don’t fathom is Dr Kezabu and as far as I can recall, was hired by Ministry of Ethics and Integrity to clamp down on porn. That aside, a sh2bn porn detecting machine was supposed to have been acquired from Germany to help Dr effect her work – except she’s decided to go against the grain of her job mandate. 

Education is a must. My parents – Dad especially, was a stickler for education. There was no cutting corners and he gave my sisters and I a very virtuous education. He didn’t stop at us. There was Cousin and Distant Cousin whose fees he also catered for. However, I can’t envision Dad or Friends Dad – right from Peter Mulira to Henry Kajura to Gordon Wava sending Oscar, Bernard or Elvis to schools that had porn as part of its curriculum – let alone their daughters.   

You know, it’s always invigorating to see the girls from Gayaza, Namagunga or wherever, skipping out of the school gates in pristine white knee-high socks to waiting Parent who is assured that Daughter is ‘innocent’ to the evils of the world especially porn. But now that it’s on the curriculum, Daughter is bound seductively emerge in tiger pint leather boots, a tight black PVC jumpsuit and cracking a whip in a manner that would have Mother checking into Uganda Heart Institute.

Should Children Be Taught Porn?
What perturbs is Official from Ministry of Ethics, Ministry of Education, not even the respective ministers – Father Lokodo or Mrs Museveni have come out guns blazing to condemn Dr Kezabu, cast her to the dogs or called for her to to. 

With that eerie silence, are we to presume that a pronouncement has been made and that porn will feature on the school curriculum in the next academic year? Hmm! 

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